Planning + Economic Development

Some communities want to grow and attract investment. Others want to protect their uniqueness. To do it, every community needs a plan. Our team brings decades of experience, as well as objectivity, to difficult, sometimes politically-charged planning-and-development questions. We know how to combine research and analysis with community desires and market realities and help you make decisions that will give your project both long-term livability and economic viability. 

Our suite of services includes:

+  Area master plans
+  Community general plans
+  Housing plans/affordable housing plans
+  Economic Development strategies
+  Placemaking
+  Facilities master plan
+  Economic-impact analysis
+  Entitlement support
+  Real-estate market analysis
+  Community development area planning and budgeting
+  Tax-increment consulting
+  Impact-fee consulting

Meet the planning + economic development team.


christine richman

Director of Planning &
Economic Development

Christine specializes in finding creative solutions to difficult economic development, planning and government issues and problems. She is skilled at identifying the core issue and developing solutions that meet the needs of disparate interests. Her strategies can be implemented over time, balancing market realities and maintaining a cohesive identity. Christine is active in the national and local Urban Land Institute and is the Board President of the Community Development Corporation of Utah—two organizations that work to create thriving communities.



Architect, Landscape Architect, Principal

Jesse Allen is one of the few professionals in the state to be licensed in both landscape architecture and architecture. He excels at projects with multiple voices and is skilled at facilitating productive discussion and decision making, leading to the realization of project goals.

Jesse recently served as project manager for the award-winning Regent Street Improvements Project for Salt Lake City, which required significant place-making, urban design, landscape architecture, lighting, wayfinding, and civil improvements. 



Clio Rayner

Project Manager

Clio has worked at GSBS Architects for thirteen years and has been a licensed architect in Utah for nine.  She graduated with her Masters in Architecture from the University of Utah in 2005 where her interest in and love of the environment turned into a focus on sustainable design.  This, as an integral aspect of good design, has influenced her career ever since.  Clio has been a member of the sustainability team at GSBS Architects for her entire career. She has helped guide the sustainability mission for GSBS since 2005 and played an important role in the certification of more than 30 LEED projects. Clio has always been an active member of the sustainability community in Utah as a speaker at conferences and seminars and as a guest lecturer and adjunct faculty member for University programs.



Sydney Rich

A graduate of the Urban Ecology program at the University of Utah, and a member of the American Planning Association, Sydney Rich is intensely interested in the interaction between people and their built urban environments. A lover of learning, Sydney has studied planning, journalism, and marketing and worked in user interface design at a marketing, design, and UX-focused firm. Her online user-experience expertise gives her a unique perspective in her community planning projects.


Paulo AGuilera   

Originally an architecture student, Paulo was first exposed to field of urban ecology early on in his undergraduate career. Since then he's been fascinated by urban planning and the larger context of how people interact within the social fabric of urban ecosystems. Through a myriad of research projects, a summer design studio in Chicago, and here at GSBS, Paulo’s interests and skills have branched out into GIS spatial modeling and market analysis. Paulo has a personal and academic interest in food systems and sustainability.